CodeMark Australia Pty Ltd

CodeMark Australia Pty Ltd is based in South Australia and supply identification equipment to the manufacturing and packing sectors.
We have been working in the identification business since 1993 and with this experience in the industry we have gained a reputation of  supplying quality and reliable products and services.
Our service and sales representatives will come to you.

iCON Laser by Macsa

iCON by MACSAThe new iCON Laser manufactured in Europe has now been released in Australia.  The 10W CO2 laser comes complete with integrated touchscreen interface, photocell, nose cone protection and mounting bracket at a price which now competes with inkjet technology.

Saturn Inkjet

The Saturn Inkjet printer is a continuous inkjet printer suitable for use in most packaging or production environments.  Industries include food, beverage, pharmaceutical, construction, electronics, automotive etc.  The Saturn A480 boasts new pulsed gutter technology which reduces makeup consumption. 

Evolution Inkjet Printer

Evolution Inkjet PrinterEvolution 1 (EV1) is the first in a series of printers that has been designed at a price competitive with contact style "roller coders" still being used in production facilities today.  It's a complete system and ready to install right out of the box.  The system includes the mounting bracketry, a hand held co

CodeMark goes Solar

CodeMark Australia are now running on Green Energy!  We have installed a Solar power system on our workshop to help our environment and offset our power usage.